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Looking For An Electrician?

Booking your next job with us is as simple as changing a lightbulb…but if you’re struggling with that, we can help too!

No power?

Whether it's been minutes, hours or even days - no power is no fun. We will get you back to normal, fast.

Switch Tripping

Whether it's a first-time or on-going issue, our qualified staff will identify and solve the issue for good.

Faulty Circuit

We all know the dangers of live electricity. Put yourself at ease by resolving any questionable circuits.

No hot Water

Sick of cold showers in the morning? Get in touch to resolve your hot water issues today.

Working With Us...

Our staff are our greatest asset – and we’re proud of the 20 employees who make up the Pulse team. 

We pride ourselves on being reliable, efficient energetic & friendly – something that the entire Pulse team embraces. 

We always aim to deliver on what we promise and are fully committed to legislation requirements and procedures.

All our staff are rigorously trained and routinely tested for competency and compliance – ensuring consistency of service, every time. 

Whatever your needs, Pulse Electrical will deliver a friendly, reliable and professional service.