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7kw solar system

Imagine: Slashing Your Power Bill to ZERO With Solar Power

There are many reasons to go solar, such as reducing your carbon footprint and saving the environment. But the biggest benefit to going solar is to your back pocket. Just imagine a world where you no longer had to find that extra 500-1000 dollars every quarter to pay for your power bill.

If you NO longer had a power bill, what else would you spend that money on? Cloths? Holidays, A new car? whatever you like! This is the BIG benefit of going SOLAR!

So why not make the switch to solar today, just like thousands of other Queenslanders.

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Low Cost Vs Quality Systems

The SOLAR market is flooded with hundreds of solar systems ALL claiming to be able to reduce your power bill and produce enough solar energy to power your home. While sometimes a cost-effective system can do the job just fine, often it’s more a balance between price and quality that’s needed the get the most from your solar system.  Here we compare the pro’s & cons of both…

Low-Cost 7kW Systems

cheap 7kw solar system

Cheaper 7kW solar system have poor customer reviews and feedback. These cheap on average won’t last  as long. And low-cost systems will  generally need more maintenance.


Cheap 7kW solar systems start from as low as $4910


Cheaper systems have low-Moderate power production


These systems come with shorter product warranties

Quality 7kW Systems

high quality 7kw solar system

Quality 7kW solar systems have GOOD customer reviews and feedback. They have proven track records for durability and performance. A quality system will need less up keep.


Quality 7kW solar systems can start from $6997


A Quality system will have high power production


These systems come with long term product warranties

7kw solar system installer

After install service & why it matters...

It’s not just about the installation cost when it comes to solar. One of the key things to consider (especially with warranties) is what happens if there is a problem after you’ve installed your 7kW solar system.

Sadly the solar market has been flooded with ‘fly-by-night’ installers peddling cheap overseas products that simply don’t last in the Australian climate. What’s worse these rogue installers are here today and gone tomorrow, often leaving their customer high and dry when it comes to support and warranty claims.

For this reason, you must choose an installer who is going to be around for years to come.

At Pulse Electrical we’ve been helping Queenslander’s install solar panels for over 22 years. 


7 Questions You Must Ask To Avoid Being A Victim of a Solar Scam:

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