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With thousands of customers spanning more than 2 decades, our air conditioning experts have done it all.


We hire the very best at Pulse. With over 70 staff, we have air conditioning experts ready in every town in South East Queensland.


Air conditioners don't need to cost an arm and a leg. A good quality air conditioner will look after your family for years to come for an affordable price.


At Pulse Electrical, quality is our priority. Our units are chosen based on a number of factors. One is the performace over time. An air conditioner is an investment that needs to stand the test of time and work through Australia’s extreme seasons. There’s nothing worse than saving a few dollars at the beginning, only to have electricians come back out due to a faulty product that isn’t covered by a warranty.

Although our preferred system is Mitsubishi Electric, we can install any unit you choose.

To learn more about our air conditioning units, see our deals below.

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Air Conditioning Deals

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2.5kW Reverse Cycle Split System Air Conditioner

This air conditioner unit features a 5 star energy rating and comes packed with all the advanced features and functions that Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is know for. This 2.5kW reverse cycle split system is perfect for bedrooms, guest rooms, or a home office.

7kW Reverse Cycle Split System Air Conditioner

CHOICE® recommends this 7.1kW unit as the ideal solution for cooling and heating large ares within your home.

Incorporating the same advanced fan blade technology used in the development of jet engines, the BRONTE® series features a market leading long reach airflow allowing it to efficiency deliver a powerful yet quiet and evenly distributed airflow.

This unit is perfect for the modern home.

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Ducted Air Conditioner System

Our ducted systems are quiet, compact and come in a variety of capacities, ranging from 7.1kW to 20kW allowing them to suit any sized home.

Incorporating a wide range of functions and features such as Automatic Mode which automatically selects cooling or heating mode based on the room’s conditions. Hi Power Mode provides an extra boost of power to help you reach your set temperature quickly. Silent Mode reduces operation noise even further. The unit is perfect for any home in Australia.

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Have a question about air cons in Queensland?

Air conditioners get a bad wrap when it talking about energy consumption.  The cost to run depends of a number of factors.

Here are some examples:

2.5kW system (ideal for bedrooms): $0.12 per hour at 24 degrees. Add $0.01 for every degree cooler. 

7kW system (ideal for living areas): $0.43 per hour at 24 degrees. Add $0.05 for every degree cooler.

9kW system (ideal for larger open plan areas with high ceilings): $0.55 per hour at 24 degrees. Add another 7-10 cents per degree cooler.

Ducted air conditioners cost more to run but they also cool the entire the house. The extra cost per hour is balanced out by having a cool home – not just a room.

As you can see, running an air conditioner in Queensland isn’t as expensive as people would have you believe. If you’re likely to be using your air conditioner a lot during the day, 

We always say, expensive is when you don’t get value for money. Buying a $100 air conditioner that breaks down after 3 months is expensive. A $2000 unit that lasts 20 years, is value for money.

To fit a bedroom usually starts around $1600 and a living area around $2200.

If paying upfront is too much, you can own it from $18/week with our flexible finance options.

We aim to install within 7 business days. The installation process takes around 3-4 hours.

Window air conditioners were all the rave many years ago. With new technology, split systems are more affordable in the long run. Although the intial price may appear more, a split system will save you more money in the long run.

Installing a unit into a window or wall requires an extra tradesman such as a glazier to cut new glass. Or a carpenter to modify the wall.

Apart from not being very effecient at cooling your home, they also sound like a truck is driving through your bedroom. Not ideal when a good nights sleep is what you’re after.

Reverse cycle air conditioning simply means the unit can heat your house and cool it. These units are ideal as they keep you cool in Summer and warm in Winter.

We choose Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Panasonic units.

Not only do we know they’re the best, but they have both one mutliple Choice and Canstar Blue awards. Theses units are designed to last longer and use less power. 
All of our units are safe for anyone who suffers from allergies and Asthma.

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