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If you are looking to hire an electrical contractor for your business, it can sometimes get confusing knowing which type of electrician you really need.  There are many different types of electricians, each of which specialize in different aspects of the trade, making it important to know exactly what you are looking for before choosing an electrician. 

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If you are in need of a commercial electrician, there are certain electrical contractors that are more qualified to do commercial work than others. Some electricians, like those at Pulse Electrical, actually specialise in commercial work.  In this article, we will discuss what to look for in commercial electrical contractors. 

Commercial Services

Switchboards and Thermal Imaging
We specialise in the design, building, installation, and routine maintenance of switchboards. We have designed, built and installed switchboards for a variety of locations, including hospitals, schools, commercial shopping centres, and agriculture. 

When it comes to routine maintenance of switchboards, we understand that it is essential to ensure their reliability, longevity and safe operation. Our team uses advanced tools and techniques, including thermal imaging, to detect any potential issues before they become major problems.

Thermal imaging is an essential tool in identifying hotspots in switchboards, indicating potential faults and breakdowns. Our team of experts utilises thermal imaging to detect temperature abnormalities and diagnose the underlying issues. This helps us provide quick and efficient solutions, minimising any downtime or disruption to operations.
Commercial electricians for office fit outs, Queensland
Commercial electrician for office fit outs

You need a commercial electrician to install office fit outs in Brisbane and Gold Coast.  Your clients are business owners who need new fit outs for their premises. Whether their business is corporate, retail, office, boutique or another type of business. You specialise in creating the perfect space for the modern business landscape. 

 The office fit out services you provide include: 

  • Installation 
  • Refurbishment 
  • Redesign 

The business owners you work with want to fall in love with their new space.  They’re looking for a picture perfect workplace, that also performs well.  Electricity plays a big part in the design and function of a space.  The right type of lighting can provide just the right ambience.  And workers can stay efficient during the work day with reliable Internet. 

 If you want an emergency electrician to come out as soon as possible Simply provide us with your contact details and we’ll be out to fix the problem in no time at all. 

Office fit out electricians Queensland
Commercial work space electricians Queensland

Workspace design

The modern workspace is more reliant on electrical systems than ever before. Office workstations have to perform a variety of functions.  You can keep employees happy by creating a space they feel comfortable. Your job is to install partitions, furniture and shelving into various configurations.  

 And these designs sometimes need custom electrical installation. You need a commercial electrician who can work to your specifications. And who can meet safety compliance for all kinds of projects.

 A modern workspace has new electrical requirements. Occupational health and safety require that work spaces have adequate lighting.  These days we have more computing devices and peripherals. Which means we need access to more power points and USB points.  All these details also need to be presented in an aesthetically pleasing installation. 

Reception design

A reception area gives visitors the first impression of a business. Commercial electrical contractors can help turn an empty space into an inviting one.  Lighting can help create the right look for a reception desk. A simple detail like lighting up the company logo, can make a big difference to its display. 

 Downlights are generally a popular lighting option for reception areas. This is because the lighting is not too bright, like an LED panel light would be. With the right setup, downlights can also provide enough light for productive work. The reception desk also needs convenient access to the Internet.  Pulse Electrical can help you install the correct products into your reception design. 

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Boardroom design

A boardroom is a meeting place to have important discussions and presentations. When a business owner is pitching a big idea to a client, they need everything to go to plan. This means the A/V equipment has to work on cue. 

 A boardroom may include a television, data projector and other electronic components. These days, connection to the Internet is a given in most situations.  Pulse Electrical can create the right environment for your next boardroom fit out. 

Commercial boardroom design electricians Queensland
Showroom design electricians queensland

Showroom design

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of a showroom or boutique.  Appealing presentation of products is key to selling to clients and customers. It can make all the difference to the look and feel of the shopping experience. An industrial electrician can help create an Instagram-worthy space.  The right placement of spotlights can help accentuate a product. 

 A track lighting fixture is a practical way to light up areas around the perimeter of the room.  Pendant lighting can help convey a creative look over the top of a display table. Under-cabinet lighting can help add personality to shelving, tables and other surfaces. In a retail store, the space may also include some fancy finishing touches such as a chandelier. 

Staffroom design

A staffroom is sometimes located out of the way, such as at the back of the premises. But that doesn’t mean the staffroom should be an afterthought. 

 The staffroom is the place for workers to take a well-deserved break. This means it needs to have a few different commercial electrical functions. A staffroom may need USB charging stations for personal devices.  Along with lighting for people to kick back with a book or magazine. 

Commercial staffroom design electricians Queensland

Another key aspect of the staffroom is food and drinks. A kitchenette provides convenient electrical appliances such as a fridge and microwave. Pulse Electrical can help you fit out the perfect staffroom, big or small. Do you need commercial electrical services for an office fit-out? 

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What to Consider When Choosing a Commercial Electrician in Brisbane

Need a commercial electrical contractor, but not sure where to start? Below we detail what to look for when making the important decision of hiring a contractor to handle your business’s electrical needs…

Choosing the right commercial electrician near me Queensland

An industrial electrician should be adaptable, creative, and able to come up with solutions to problems on the spot. It is common for commercial builders who are not familiar with how wires are to be installed into a wall to simply request an outlet be placed in a specific spot. The electrician should be able to come up with a solution quickly so that the builder can continue to make progress on the journey.

When it comes to commercial electrical needs, basic skills and knowledge of electrical work is simply not enough. A good commercial electrical contractor will have both experience and a creative mindset to properly get the job done. -The commercial electrician you choose should also have the ability to work seamlessly with other contractors and customers. On a commercial construction site, many different contractors will need to work together in order for the project to come together correctly. Communication skills are key when it comes to a good commercial contractor.

Chosing the best commercial electrician near me Queensland

A less thought of, but still important, consideration is that the electrician you choose presents themselves as professional and clean cut and is able to focus on the task at hand. Unprofessional contractors are often inefficient and not able to dedicate themselves to their tasks.

A quality contractor will get the work done in a timely manner so that you business experiences the least amount of down time possible. A reputable commercial electrical contractor recognizes that you need the job done quickly and efficiently so that you can get back to work.

An industrial electrician should also make sure that your business is up to code before they leave. While it is vital that your job gets done quickly, you don’t want to hire an electrician that sacrifices quality for speed. They will make sure that the work they do is up to standards and code and that all proper permits are obtained at the beginning of the process to prevent any problems from cropping up and derailing your timeline.

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