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If you are looking to hire an electrical contractor for your business, it can sometimes get confusing knowing which type of electrician you really need.  There are many different types of electricians, each of which specialize in different aspects of the trade, making it important to know exactly what you are looking for before choosing an electrician. 


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If you are in need of a commercial electrician, there are certain electrical contractors that are more qualified to do commercial work than others. Some electricians, like those at Pulse Electrical, actually specialise in commercial work.  In this article, we will discuss what to look for in commercial electrical contractors. 



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What to Consider When Choosing a Commercial Electrician in Brisbane 

Need a commercial electrical contractor, but not sure where to start? Below we detail what to look for when making the important decision of hiring a contractor to handle your business’s electrical needs.  

-An industrial electrician should be adaptable, creative, and able to come up with solutions to problems on the spot. It is common for commercial builders who are not familiar with how wires are to be installed into a wall to simply request an outlet be placed in a specific spot.  

The electrician should be able to come up with a solution quickly so that the builder can continue to make progress on the journey.  

-When it comes to commercial electrical needs, basic skills and knowledge of electrical work is simply not enough. A good commercial electrical contractor will have both experience and a creative mindset to properly get the job done.  

-The commercial electrician you choose should also have the ability to work seamlessly with other contractors and customers. On a commercial construction site, many different contractors will need to work together in order for the project to come together correctly.  

Communication skills are key when it comes to a good commercial contractor.  

-A less thought of, but still important, consideration is that the electrician you choose presents themselves as professional and clean cut and is able to focus on the task at hand.  

Unprofessional contractors are often inefficient and not able to dedicate themselves to their tasks.  

-A quality contractor will get the work done in a timely manner so that you business experiences the least amount of down time possible. A reputable commercial electrical contractor recognizes that you need the job done quickly and efficiently so that you can get back to work.  

-An industrial electrician should also make sure that your business is up to code before they leave. While it is vital that your job gets done quickly, you don’t want to hire an electrician that sacrifices quality for speed.  

They will make sure that the work they do is up to standards and code and that all proper permits are obtained at the beginning of the process to prevent any problems from cropping up and derailing your timeline.  

If you are looking for a high quality, professional and experience commercial electrician in Brisbane, Pulse Electrical is the number one choice.  

We have been serving Brisbane businesses for their electrical needs since 1996 and pride ourselves on providing the highest quality workmanship at prices you can afford.  

Office & Shop Fitting

  • Pulse electricians are Krone, C-Bus and Panduit certified data installers ensuring high quality installations and compliance.
  • Advice and installation of power, lighting and data systems

Refurbishment and Fitout

  • Well experienced in operating in live environments to deliver extensive refurbishment and upgrade projects within tight time frames

Commercial Construction

  • Installation of electrically engineered power, lighting and data systems
  • Design & Constuct of power, lighting and data systems
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