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What Light Bulb Do You Need For Each Room?

Lighting can make or break a room. The right lighting shows off your paint, decorations, and enhances your natural beauty. The wrong lighting can be ...
Electrical Services

Air Conditioners, HEPA Filters, And Airborne Allergens

Often when we buy an air conditioner, we look at the energy rating, price, and size. These are great places to start but one often ...
What To Do During A Power Outage
Electrical Services

What To Do During A Power Outage

We all love a rainy night – add some thunder and you have a perfect night to relax on the couch. You put a movie ...
24 hour electrician Toowoomba Queensland
Electrical Services

6 Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Attention

Air conditioners in Queensland get a pounding. From the extreme heat, high humidity, to the cold winter nights, our units get worked.Just like everything else, ...
professional electrician
Electrical Services

Shopping Centre Maintenance

Professional electrician for shopping centres  Are you a shopping centre manager looking for a professional electrician?  Whether you run a small or medium shopping centre ...
Industrial Electrical Maintenance
Electrical Services

Industrial Electrical Maintenance

7 tips for electrical maintenance in high rise buildings  Let’s start with a simple question…  Why is electrical maintenance in high rise buildings so important?  ...
Electrical contractors for schools
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School Maintenance Contracts

Electrical contractors for schools As electrical contractors for schools… we understand there are various risks schools manage.  You have to be on top of students nutritional needs ...
master electrician
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Master Electrician

Why insurance companies should use a master electrician!  Do you deal with natural disaster insurance claims? If so, a Master Electrician can make things easier ...
industrial electrician companies
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Industrial electrician

How an industrial electrician can help cafe, bar and restaurant owners  An industrial electrician can help you get more out of your busy pub, club or ...
electrical property maintenance
Electrical Services

Electrical Property Maintenance

Property maintenance is an ongoing part of managing a property   There always seems to be something popping up.  Sometimes it’s routine maintenance tasks…   Like updating ...
farming and solar
Solar Power

How Farmers Can Boost Profits And Reduce Costs

Innovation and adaptation are essential if farmers want to survive in the unpredictable and rapidly changing world of agribusiness.Every year, farmers need to deal with ...
Solar Power

Recent Job: 39.6kW Commercial Solar System

System Information Size: 39.6kW Annual Production: 68147.31kWh  ROI: 577.13% Payback Period: 2.65 years Inverter: SolarEdge Panels: Jinko Solar Eagle Installed By: Our Solar Bundaberg Team ...
Solar Power

Recent Job: 24.9kW Commercial System

System Information Size: 24.9kW Annual Production: 44635.62kWh  ROI: 1271.66% Payback Period: 1.30 years Inverter: SolarEdge  Panels: Jinko Solar Eagle Installed By: Our Bundaberg Solar Team
Solar Power

Recent Job: 6.6kW Domestic Solar System

System Information Size: 6.6kW Annual Production: 11838.10kWh  ROI: 311.76% Payback Period: 4.21 years Inverter: Fronius Panels: Jinko Solar Eagle
10kw solar system
Solar Power

Recent Job: 10kW Domestic Solar System

System Information Size: 10.4kW Annual Production: 14870.58kWh  ROI: 344.84% Payback Period: 3.92 years Inverter: Fronius Panels: Jinko Solar Cheetah HC
cheap solar systems
Solar Power

How Cheap Should A Solar System Be?

With so many installers competing for your business, things get ugly. Price wars erupt and for you, it's more confusing than ever. Read to find ...
commercial solar
Solar Power

Solar Power And Commercial Premises – It’s Makes Business Sense

Solar panels are the obvious choice for powering most businesses. What's not so clear is the size system you should buy. Certain size systems allow ...
Solar Power Services

Solar Batteries Australia: Is it really worth it?

Battery Basics The concept of a home battery system isn’t new. Off-Grid Solar and wind generation have used battery storage of electricity for years. In ...
solar rebate
Solar Power

How Does The Solar STC Program Work?

If you decide to purchase solar in 2020, you will be eligible for a solar financial incentive commonly referred to as a “rebate”. This a ...
solar installers
Solar Power Services

Solar Installation

Solar Panel Installation Depending on your situation, you might not be around to supervise your solar installation.  And even if you are able to supervise ...

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