Electrical Property Maintenance

electrical property maintenance

Property maintenance is an ongoing part of managing a property 

There always seems to be something popping up. 

Sometimes it’s routine maintenance tasks… 

Like updating the smoke alarms. 

Or testing the security system. 

And then there are the unplanned things. 

Suddenly the tenant calls you out of the blue, to report that the power has gone out. 

Or that something has gone wrong with an electrical appliance. 

Whether the tenant has equipment breakdown, power failure, or other electrical troubles… 

Pulse Electrical are at your call any time of the day, 24/7

electrical installation and maintenance

Get routine maintenance on a regular schedule 

Tenants are happy when their home is functional. 

And the landlord wants to keep their investment property in good order. 

Electrical maintenance is necessary for many areas of a home. 

Whether it’s in the living room, bathroom, kitchen, bedrooms, garage… Or any part of the home… 

Every electrical product has a certain lifespan. 

There are times when equipment will need repairs or even an upgrade. 

A property maintenance electrician comes in handy for many jobs, both big and small: 

  • Smoke alarms 
  • Security systems 
  • Lighting 
  • Powerpoints 
  • Hot water units 
  • Ceiling fans 
  • Air conditioning 
  • Ovens 
  • Rangehoods 
  • Stoves 
  • White goods 

Pulse Electrical can handle all types of electrical installation and maintenance

We can organise convenient annual packages for certain kinds of electrical services. 

Give your tenants quick and easy service 

Tenants get anxious when they’re experiencing electrical problems at home. 

They expect some back-and-forth to get the matter addressed. 

The real estate agent needs to get approval from the landlord. 

And the landlord always wants to know the status of the job. 

This means you want to work fast to get everything resolved. 

Pulse Electrical provide prompt service right from the get-go. 

A Pulse Electrical customer service specialist will answer your call. 

And if the situation requires, you’ll speak directly with a technician. 

Once you proceed with a job, we’ll dispatch an electrician the same day or next day guaranteed. 

This means you can reassure the tenants that help is on the way. 

They can get on with life as usual… 

Without the hassle of following up about when an electrician will arrive. 

property maintenance

The landlord wants peace of mind 

Landlords are out of the loop when it comes to the general happenings at their property. 

But they want to feel in control of what’s going on with their asset. 

A landlord shudders at the thought of going with the wrong tradie and wasting money on a dodgy job. 

They don’t want to have to pay for someone else to fix up the same job. 

They want to know that their home is in the hands of true professionals. 

You want to get swift authorisation from the landlord to proceed with the job. 

You want to choose a competent company who will do the right thing, even when the owner isn’t around to watch. 

Landlords also want to know they’re getting value for money. 

Pulse Electrical provide quality workmanship, reputable products and give reasonable quotes. 

It’s common for the landlord to want to speak to the electrician after a large or complex electrical job. 

Our team will always be happy to discuss the job and answer any questions the landlord might have. 

Australian properties come in all shapes and sizes. 

Sometimes older properties have strange wiring. 

The landlord may want to build a relationship with a single electrician. 

So that the electrician can become familiar with the home’s foundational quirks. 

Make your property maintenance administration easy 

The digital age brings efficiency to previously manual tasks. 

Emails, text messages, and electronic invoices… 

Modern communication makes things much easier. 

Digital records are easy to manage and track. 

Some small electrical companies are still handwriting their invoices and receipts. 

As a busy real estate agency, you don’t have time to muck around with slow admin processes. 

Pulse Electrical have a dedicated team of customer service specialists… 

Who is always a phone call away. 

We invoice through email. 

This makes it easy for you to manage financial records. 

We also provide SMS reminders and booking confirmations – so you always know what’s happening with a job. 

Multiple electricians are better than one 

We’ve been growing our team of technicians across South East Queensland since 1996. 

We have X number of vans on the road, who service hundreds of suburbs in Brisbane and Gold Coast surrounds. 

When you go with an electrician who has one van, you’re inevitably left at the mercy of their schedule. 

An individual electrical could take time off for any number of reasons… 

Sick leave… 


Or taking a day off. 

All these things will leave you in the lurch when you need to book an electrical job. 

Working with a large electrical team gives you confidence in their reliability. 

We have the manpower to address all kinds of jobs. 

There’s always someone you can talk to about your electrical issues. 

This makes it much easier for you to deal with the tenant and landlord. 

And organise electrical property maintenance with ease. 

Pulse Electrical technicians are family-friendly 

Many families are tenants of the properties you manage. 

Husband, wife and the kids. 

You want the electricians you send to the home to be professional at all times. 

Pulse Electrical technicians have professional manners and appearance. 

Our technician’s greet clients wearing an easily identifiable Pulse Electrical uniform. 

So the tenants know who they’re dealing with. 

The technician will put on some plastic boot covers before they walk inside a home. 

Nobody wants to have an electrician leave a mess behind after their job. 

Our technicians have their own portable vacuum. 

They always tidy up all traces of mess once they’re finished their job. 

This means everything is always left in a neat and tidy condition. 

Get a quote for electrical property maintenance 

All you have to do is give us a call, and we’ll take care of the rest. 

We have a same-day/next-day guarantee if we don’t get to the job in time will give you $50. 

You have various options for how to request a quote… 

Want to talk to a human being? Call our 1300 number. 

Not in a hurry? You can email us directly or fill out our contact form. 

Do you prefer Facebook? Send a message on Facebook Messenger. 

Remember there’s never any obligation to proceed with a quote.… 

This gives the landlord the freedom to compare quotes.. and make the right decision for themselves. 

If you’re having issues with your current electricians, give us a call today..  

We promise to give your property management electrical jobs priority attention. 

Call 1300 478 573 for immediate help with all your electrical needs. 

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