Industrial Electrical Maintenance

Industrial Electrical Maintenance

7 tips for electrical maintenance in high rise buildings 

Let’s start with a simple question… 

Why is electrical maintenance in high rise buildings so important? 

It’s no secret that house prices have become less affordable to home buyers these days. 

High rise construction is helping the younger generations get into the property market. 

The popularity of high rise continues to grow in city centres like Brisbane and Gold Coast. 

Residential developers provide home buyers with modern, convenient living. 

What this means for building managers is… 

Not unlike residential property maintenance, High rise apartments have many maintenance needs. 

If you want to keep your residents happy, you need to keep the property well-maintained. 

Keeping your building in good condition is also in your own best interests. 

If a high rise building goes without proper maintenance, it can soon turn into a liability. 

And hundreds of happy residents can suddenly turn into an angry mob. 

Pulse Electrical have long-standing contracts with building managers around Brisbane and Gold Coast. 

So we’re experienced with industrial electrical services in high rise developments. 

Here are 7 tips for electrical maintenance in high rise buildings… 

Sort out the mess with an electrical audit 

Have other electrical contractors burned you in the past? 

If so, they’ve probably left you with an electrical mess for you to sort out. 

This might be a good time for you to consider getting an electrical audit. 

An electrician with poor customer service may also do a sloppy technical job. 

And maybe they were careless about keeping up with the maintenance schedule. 

When you get an electrical audit with Pulse Electrical, we’ll do a full check of your entire premises. 

This will give you the full picture of the current status of your electrical systems. 

An electrical audit will help you see what areas of your property are in of need attention. 

Once the audit is complete, we can also give you a free quote for any necessary repairs or maintenance. 

Establish an electrical maintenance schedule 

As a high rise development building manager, you should be fussy about maintenance. 

Preventative industrial electrical maintenance is an essential part of administration. 

This is because the fewer breakdowns you have, the more money you make. 

Pulse Electrical can customise a service schedule for your particular type of building. 

If problems don’t get identified early, it can cause a more expensive issue down the track. 

The fact is… 

When you choose the wrong electrical company for your electrical maintenance…  

It can get you into a lot of trouble. 

A high rise building is much more complex than a single freestanding house. 

An electrical mistake in a house might cost a homeowner a few hundred dollars to fix. 

But a mistake across a high rise complex, can cost into the tens of thousands of dollars and even more. 

So it’s important to go with a trusted electrical company. 

Pulse Electrical has been in business in the local market for 20 years. 

We’re master electricians who work to the strict company and industry standards. 

Only use fully-compliant master electricians 

We’ve all heard the horror stories in the news about poorly built high rise developments. 

One of the most notorious incidents is the Sydney Olympic Park apartments failure… 

Other cases of shoddy construction work have also popped up since then… 

And the building industry is coming into question. 

There’s a call for stricter guidelines to keep Aussie trade professionals honest. 

As a building manager, safety is one of your highest priorities. 

You can’t put a price on the lives of your residents. 

So it’s important that you work with contractors with the integrity and experience to do a good job. 

There are hundreds of residents living under the roof of your high rise.  

Make sure your electrical work is of the highest standard. 

Pulse Electrical follows strict safety procedures. And we’re compliant with all Australian electrical standards. 

We’re also covered with $10 million liability insurance. 

So in the unlikely event of an accident, you’re fully covered. 

Make your residents feel safe and secure 

Although the world is becoming smaller through digital connection… 

There are many people who either live alone or run a single-parent home. 

The rise of social media has introduced more privacy issues in our lives. 

So when people are inside the four walls of their home, they want to feel safe and secure. 

This is why it’s important to stay on top of the security matters on your site. 

Industrial electricians can help with many security features and appliances. 

This includes installing, maintaining and repairing breakdowns and electrical glitches. 

Security features we service include: 

  • Security gates 
  • CCTV cameras 
  • Intercoms 
  • Fire panels 
  • Smoke detectors 
  • And more 

Keep your leisure facilities well-maintained 

Living in a high rise apartment comes with the benefit of leisure facilities. 

Residents can have fun splashing around in a rooftop pool that overlooks the city. 

They can relax and unwind in the spa or sauna. 

Or they can even save money on a gym membership by using the fitness facilities on-site. 

Residents also get around using elevators, which run on electricity. 

Pulse Electrical can do the electrical work for various facilities at your property. 

Apartment owners rely on things to just work, so we can help you keep everything running as normal. 

Get your high rise electrical wiring right 

High rise buildings have electrical wiring running throughout the framework of the premises. 

From the electrical junction boxes in the basement. 

To the electrical facilities on the roof. 

We can maintain all the electrical wiring in your high rise building. 

Whether it’s installing the wiring in your building during construction… 

Maintaining your wiring once your building is up and running… 

Or attending to the electrical aspects of your HVAC air conditioning systems. 

Pulse Electrical have the ability to take care of all your high rise wiring needs. 

Install reliable data cabling and communications 

In a high rise building complex, each apartment requires access to data cabling. 

This gives residents a connection to phone and Internet services. 

Data cabling is also required in other areas throughout the entire property. 

Many modern appliances also rely on data and communications connectivity. 

Security systems, gym equipment, television sets now connect to the Internet. 

Pulse Electrical can install and maintain data cabling that’ll keep your residents connected. 

Do you need electrical maintenance in high rise buildings? 

Call Pulse Electrical on 1300 478 573 for a free initial consultation. 

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