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master electrician

Why insurance companies should use a master electrician! 

Do you deal with natural disaster insurance claims? If so, a Master Electrician can make things easier for you. 

While Australia is famous for its sunny weather and laid back lifestyle… 

The weather is also known to show its wild side at times. 

Queensland has extreme tropical weather in particular. 

Such as cyclones and flooding.

When a storm passes through, it can affect thousands of homes, restaurants and businesses

This creates all kinds of destruction, including electrical damage. 

When it comes to electricity, water damage can be deadly. 

Appliances, fuse boxes and switchboards may still be physically intact after a storm… 

But they’re likely to be unsafe to touch. 

A Master Electrician needs to attend the site, to secure everything. 

This may simply mean resetting the power and ensuring it’s safe to use. 

Or it could mean rewiring the premises if needed. 

Did you know a licensed electrician isn’t necessarily a Master Electrician? 

An ordinary certified electrician might not follow the latest industry standards. 

Pulse Electrical are accredited Master Electricians

This means we follow strict guidelines outlined by Master Electricians Australia. 

As an insurance company, you process thousands of claims every year. 

You work with your electricians on a contract… 

So you want to know that you’re working with fully registered electricians you can trust. 

What is a Master Electrician? 

We all know to work with a licensed electrician at bare minimum… 

But the truth is… 

Not all electricians are created equal. 

If you want the best chance of working with an electrician who knows what they’re doing… 

Always look for a Master Electrician

As an insurance company, you want to work with service providers you can trust. 

Master Electricians Australia (MEA) is a national group that regulates the electrical industry. 

Electricians can apply for accreditation with MEA. 

It’s not easy to gain and keep the accreditation, which means members must meet certain standards. 

When you choose an accredited member of Master Electricians Australia… 

You’ll get experience, safety and quality from your electrical contractor. 

licensed electrician

Your electrician should be checked 

Sure, you could go with the first local electrician you find on Google. 

Maybe they have good reviews. 

And their glossy marketing makes them seem above-board. 

But how do you know whether their business systems are really up to scratch? 

Electricians approved by Master Electricians Australia have to go through an application process. 

This includes getting their credentials and systems checked. 

Electricians with the wrong systems are less likely to want to undergo the check. 

A review from an external authority gives you more confidence in your electrician. 

So remember to always check the fine print for the Master Electrician approval. 

Safety always comes first 

Generally licensed electricians self-regulate themselves. 

With nobody looking over their shoulder… 

They may adopt a “no worries” approach to how they do things. 

An electrician should have all the right tools and processes in place to work safely. 

They need to protect the lives of their clients and keep themselves safe as well. 

An electrician keeps everyone happy when they uphold OH&S guidelines. 

An individual electrician doesn’t usually have comprehensive business systems in place… 

They may follow practices that are outdated… 

Or they may simply fall into a personal habit of how they do things. 

When you’re sending electricians to a job through an insurance claim… 

You don’t want any mucking around. 

The job needs to be done right the first time. 

And safety always needs to be the number one priority. 

You want to know you can 100% rely on your electrician to do the right thing. 

Pulse Electrical is a large electrical company with all the right systems in place. 

As Master Electricians, our safety systems are accredited by Master Electricians Australia. 

But it doesn’t stop there… 

Our safety systems are also monitored by MEA on an ongoing basis. 

This means you know you’re working with an electrician who takes safety very seriously. 

Powering on with ongoing education 

A Master Electrician has to remain compliant to keep their membership. 

Master Electricians Australia provide various types of external accountability… 

This includes ongoing education. 

Electricians need to stay on top of what’s happening in their field. 

Master Electricians Australia provide access to training for their members. 

This means members stay on top of general practices, safety guidelines and more. 

Master Electricians also need to agree to follow a code of ethics. 

That means if you feel like something hasn’t been handled properly, it’s likely to be easily resolved. 

By choosing a Master Electrician… 

You have more consumer rights through Master Electricians Australia. 

Master Electricians Australia gives consumers the opportunity to submit feedback. 

They can also investigate and take action for breach of their code of conduct. 

High-quality workmanship guaranteed 

Victims of any kind of natural disaster are experiencing hardship. 

It’s a very emotional time for your insurance claims clients. 

They’re in need of support to get back on their feet. 

This means insurance repair work needs to be of high quality. 

An average licensed electrician may not guarantee their work. 

They may even stipulate that they’re unable to revisit work after a certain length of time. 

You don’t want any confusion when it comes to a guarantee. 

Master Electricians provide a 12-month guarantee on their workmanship. 

This means you and your clients have peace of mind knowing the work is done to a high standard. 

No-nonsense customer service 

When a disaster has struck, insurance companies go into overdrive. 

Phone lines get blocked with the high volumes of calls. 

The paperwork starts piling up. 

You’re looking to work with someone who understands that you’re very busy. 

A Master Electrician is more knowledgeable than others. 

This means they can get straight to the point with your electrical issues. 

This can save you time and money mucking around with other electricians… 

Pulse Electrical have experience working with insurance companies. 

So we know that you’re relying on your electrician to make you look good. 

Our team of customer service specialists have all your administration covered. 

We have all the latest technology and business systems, electronic invoices and reminders. 

So you can be sure your insurance claim paperwork will be done accurately and efficiently. 

Are you looking for a Master Electrician for your insurance company? 

Call Pulse Electrical on 1300 478 573 for a free initial consultation. 

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