School Maintenance Contracts

Electrical contractors for schools

Electrical contractors for schools

As electrical contractors for schools… we understand there are various risks schools manage. 

You have to be on top of students nutritional needs and food allergies, road safety, bullying, learning difficulties, physical disabilities… 

The list goes on. 

Your students need to be under constant supervision. 

Arranging school maintenance contracts isn’t a decision you take lightly. 

You only want to hire trustworthy companies, who have experience working with children. 

Electrical contractors, in particular, need to protect children from the hazard of electricity. 

Student safety is your number one priority. 

From the moment school starts… 

Until the last bell at the end of the day… 

You’re responsible for the students in your school. 

Parents are relying on you to treat their children as your own. 

Pulse Electrical has 20 years’ experience working with local primary schools. 

All Pulse Electrical technicians have a blue card. 

This includes working with children and police checks. 

We’re a large electrical company, spanning south-east Queensland. 

We strictly adhere to Australian electrical and OH&S safety standards. 

Here’s how specialised electrical contractors for schools can help you… 

Identify electrical hazards at your school 

Schools are a busy place. 

Educators have a lot on their plate… 

The school day is full of action, with teachers and students constantly on the go. 

English, maths, technology, sport… 

By the time recess and lunch roll around, everyone is ready for a break. 

With so much movement happening in schools, electrical safety is important. 

Common electrical hazards in schools can be quite simple.

Modern educational workplaces contain many kinds of electrical devices. 

This means there are lots of cords, plugs, adapters and power boards around the place. 

These things can cause a tripping hazard. 

They can also lead to more serious risks such as electric shock, explosion, fire and burns. 

An electrician can help you with simple tasks…  

Such as using electrical ties to tidy up and secure loose cords… 

As well as more complex tasks… Like installing electrical hardware the right first time. 

school maintenance contracts

Prevent accidents from happening 

It’s important to always use an electrician for most types of electrical work. 

But there are also things you can do to prevent electrical accidents at your school. 

Here are some things that you can do today to keep your equipment, students and staff safe… 

It’s smart to increase the lifespan of electric components and accessories. 

So it’s important to store your technology correctly. 

Have you done a simple visual inspection of your school environment? 

It can help prevent a distressing mishap with electricity. 

Look out for cuts, frays and cracks in the digital tools in your classrooms. 

Catching signs of deterioration early can prevent accidents from happening. 

Always keep computers, cords and other electronic parts away from direct sunlight. 

Exposure to heat can warp, deteriorate and damage your electronics. 

Everybody knows that water and electricity don’t mix. 

So be sure to keep your electronic gear well away from any kind of sources of water or liquid. 

Install, repair and maintain your electrical systems 

Schools are on a limited budget. 

So when you invest in expensive electrical equipment… 

It makes sense to take care of it. 

This will ensure that your electrical assets will be around for many years to come. 

It will also decrease the likelihood of an electrical incident. 

Your school handyman may be able to help with some basic electrical tasks. 

But when it comes to electrical installations and circuit work… 

It’s important to enlist the help of a professional electrician. 

Electricians can help with routine electrical maintenance and repairs at your school. 

Pulse electrical can install, repair and maintain: 

  • Lighting 
  • Audio-visual gear 
  • Data cabling 
  • Security & alarms 
  • Exits & fire doors 

Electrical maintenance can prevent serious problems at your school, such as a fire. 

Meet electrical compliance standards with test and tag 

Electrical testing is a compulsory activity for organisations Australia-wide. 

There are government regulations for electricity, also referred to as Australian standards. 

Just like any organisation, schools must follow Australia’s electrical standards. 

School’s are active Monday to Friday, so electrical systems are in constant use. 

This means electrical components in schools are prone to wear and tear… 

There’s also the potential for equipment to get damaged as well. 

Introducing a test and tag program at your school can make standards-compliance easy. 

A test and tag session includes testing of all your equipment. 

Compliant electrical gear will get a tag, with a date for the next scheduled check. 

Test and tag make it easy to keep on top of the status of your electrical setup. 

Reduce the impact of an emergency situation 

Compared to other countries, Australian schools are generally safe. 

Students, teachers and principles can generally go about their day in peace. 

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have safety precautions in place.  

The security systems at your school always need to be in good working order. 

This will reduce the impact of an emergency situation at your school. 

You need a reliable alarm system in the event of a fire or another threat. 

A security issue can happen anytime – during the school week, weekends, or holidays. 

Having the right security devices in place can be very beneficial.  

It can help deter intruders, vandals and other offenders from your school. 

An effective security system monitors all areas of the school. 

This includes classrooms, office, staff room, halls and library. 

Pulse Electrical can audit, install and maintain your school’s security setup. 

With the right security system in place, you can help reduce the risk of an accident or attack at your school. 

Keep your school connected with data cabling 

Data cabling is a must for today’s digitally connected world. 

Students will enter a workplace that’s heavily based on computers and technology. 

So kids need to learn how to interact with online software and devices in a smart way. 

Educators are can create engaging learning experiences through computing. 

Pulse Electrical are experts in audio-visual cabling and connectivity, including: 

  • Smart boards 
  • Projectors 
  • Networks 
  • Telephones 

We can install, test and analyse the data cabling and your school. 

These days the ability to get things done depends on the internet. 

Make sure your students can continue learning through the day. 

Don’t lose your cool with your school’s air conditioning 

Heating and cooling is an essential part of a productive classroom. 

The right environment improves students and teachers the ability to concentrate. 

Installing school-wide air conditioning is a large job. 

Faulty air conditioning systems can be the result of incorrect installation. 

It’s important to start with an electrical assessment, before installation. 

This helps minimise fire risks and helps achieve optimal performance. 

Are you looking for school maintenance contracts for your school? 

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