Electrician For Residential Building


Are you a residential builder?

Looking for an electrician who won’t let you down? 

Look, we get it… building a residential home is no small feat. 

Fact is, emotions can run high in the construction industry at the best of times. 

Especially when it comes to residential builds… 

After all, your clients are putting their lifelong dreams in your hands. 

They expect to have their home built on time, within budget. No questions asked. 

So, you as the builder can’t risk working with tradies who promise the world… 

But deliver an atlas! 

You know the types of tradies we’re talking about.  

The ones who… 

  •  Turn up late to the site. 
  • Don’t keep up with the schedule. 
  • Fail to communicate with the project coordinators. 
  • Miss key deadlines. 

And at the end of the day… It’s your reputation on the line, not theirs. 

So you need to work with an electrical team who respects your client… 

And more important, respect you. 

The bottom line is this… 

If you’re looking for a company who can get the job done without the fuss or stress… 

Get in touch with Pulse Electrical today. 

Still not convinced? Let me explain exactly how we can help you. 

It all starts with our team. 

We’ll liaise with your project managers from start to finish. 

See, we have the expertise and skill to handle all kinds of residential builds… (Just like yours) 

We can take care of all your jobs, including: 

  1. Wiring 
  2. Rewiring 
  3. Lighting 
  4. Kitchen 
  5. Bathroom 
  6. Bedroom 
  7. Living 
  8. Outdoor 
  9. Smart homes 
  10. And more 

When you hire Pulse Electrical, you’ve got all your bases covered. 

We’ve got a network of electricians spanning across South East Queensland. 

You’ll get all your projects sorted with one easy phone call to Pulse Electrical. 

We value your time 

We’re available to talk about your residential building projects 24/7. 

In fact, when you book a job with Pulse Electrical… If we don’t turn up within 24 hours of you calling us…  

We’ll give you $50 cash in the hand as our way to apologise – That’s how much we value keeping our word. 

Imagine a life with ZERO tradie issues… 

No more chasing up tradies to see why they’re not on site. 

Or unhappy clients calling you, asking why the project’s not moving forward. 

But better still… 

Imagine guiding your clients through their stage inspections… 

With full confidence the work is done exactly to specification. 

That’s what it’s like to have tradies you can 100% trust. 

Is it time to hire a new electrical contractor? 

Pulse Electrical are your residential building specialists. 

Call Pulse Electrical on 1300 478 573 for a free no-obligation quote. 

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To book a Pulse electrician simply tell us below the details of the job and our office admin will contact you within one working day to discuss the details and finalise your booking .