Shopping Centre Maintenance

professional electrician

Professional electrician for shopping centres 

Are you a shopping centre manager looking for a professional electrician? 

Whether you run a small or medium shopping centre in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast or on the Gold Coast…  

You have a valuable asset that you need to maintain. 

Pulse Electrical have experience with shopping centres of all sizes. 

A shopping centre consists of many different areas: 

  • Supermarkets 
  • Retail shops 
  • Dining precinct 
  • Entertainment precinct 
  • Centre management 
  • Public areas 
  • Car parks 

Pulse Electrical can tend to the following electrical needs for shopping centres: 

  • Switchboards 
  • Power and lighting 
  • Signage lighting 
  • UPS system 
  • Security systems 
  • Fire safety 
  • Smoke detectors 
  • PA system 

When you’re looking for a shopping centre electrician, keep the following things in mind… 

Minimise your legal risks, with sound electrical records 

Electrical fires in shopping centres are no joke…

Thousands of customers, shopkeepers and employees move around a shopping centre every day. 

This means you’re responsible for a lot of people’s safety. 

It’s not something anybody likes to think about… 

But if something happens to go wrong within your premises, you can find yourself in a lot of trouble. 

Your shopping centre could start receiving a lot of complaints… 

Or you could find yourself entangled in a legal battle. 

And legal issues are never a good thing for business. 

Hiring a professional electrician for shopping centre maintenance will minimise your risks. 

This will also help keep your insurance premiums down, which will save you money. 

You’ll also have peace of mind with full Australian electrical standards compliance. 

In short, you’ll be keeping yourself, and the people within your shopping centre, safe. 

Always keep the lights on and money coming in 

A shopping centre is usually partially, if not fully, enclosed. 

If the lighting fails within a windowless indoor space, everyone’s left in the dark. 

Whether it’s faulty lighting throughout the entire shopping centre. 

Or a blown light bulb in one area. 

A shopping centre is simply unable to service customers without the right lighting. 

Pulse Electrical can repair, install and maintain all kinds of shopping centre lighting. 

So that your shopping centre can continue on with business as usual. 

Detect electrical problems before they arise 

A thermal imaging camera is a handheld digital device based on infrared technology. 

Thermal imaging is useful for checking switchboards and other electrical panels. 

By pointing the imager at a panel, any hot spots will instantly show up on the imaging screen. 

A hot spot is exactly what it sounds like… 

It’s an area in the panel that’s overheating and is, therefore, hotter than other spots. 

The electrician can then inspect the wires or circuit in question to determine the issue. 

Thermal imaging is very handy for shopping centre maintenance. 

This is because it helps detect issues and prevent problems before they arise. 

Thermal imaging keeps your shopping centre up and running, with minimal downtime. 

Start saving money with solar 

Shopping centres around Australia are starting to embrace solar power. 

A rooftop shopping centre solar installation can help you save money. 

Solar power is ideal for situations where you use the power that you generate. 

It’s not as cost-effective for scenarios where you export power back to the grid. 

With shopping centres usually having long opening hours, energy is always required. 

So a solar installation is a smart investment. 

Imagine being able to use the savings on your energy bill for other areas of your budget. 

Pulse Electrical can show you how solar can work for your shopping centre. 

Have you been let down by other electrical companies in the past? 

Want a good electrician for your shopping centre? 

Call Pulse Electrical on 1300 478 573 for a free initial consultation. 

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