Solar Installation

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Solar Panel Installation

Depending on your situation, you might not be around to supervise your solar installation. 

And even if you are able to supervise your solar installation… 

It’ll probably be impractical for you to watch everything happening on the roof. 

You want to have full confidence in the company that installs your solar power. 

Quote inspection 

The first step of solar installation is getting a solar quote

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It’s absolutely crucial to go with a company that provides a free no-obligation quote. 

There are a lot of rogue solar companies in the market… who will pressure you into the sale. 

The most important part of getting a quote is choosing a system that’s right for you. 

Pulse electrical will provide a comprehensive quote and no obligation to proceed. 

In fact, if solar just doesn’t suit your situation… 

The team at Pulse Electrical or will be upfront about this. 

Because it’s important that you have a solar installation that’s going to work for you. 

Some bad solar companies are just looking to fill sales quotas. 

That’s why it important to go with someone you can trust. 

A couple of important things to look for in your solar quote include:

  • The solar products being used 

Pulse only install high-quality solar products including LG, Canadian Solar, QCells and Fronius. 

  • Cost of solar per kilowatt 

Pulse electrical will outline the cost per kilowatt. This helps you weigh up your return on investment. 

  • The warranty received on the install 

Our solar products come with industry-standard warranties. Our workmanship is also covered by a 10-year warranty. 

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Attach the solar panels to the roof 

Once you’ve decided to proceed with a solar quote… 

It’s time to get your solar panels installed. 

The electrician will choose a location on your roof with the best exposure to the sun. 

Once this is decided, the solar panels need to be securely attached to the roof. 

Safety is our number one priority at Pulse Electrical. 

We take all the precautions necessary for solar installation work. 

We also have full liability insurance in the unlikely event of an accident. 

Our technicians where the proper harnesses for working at Heights. 

We’ve also invested in a GEDA Solarlift. 

This is a quick and easy way to get the solar panels from the ground to the roof. 

The roof needs to be penetrated to install hooks to attach the panels. 

This means the positions of the roof rafters need to be located. 

Every solar installation company has a different method for locating the rafters in the roof. 

Some methods can put unnecessary holes in your roof. 

At Pulse Electrical we use all the right tools for the job. 

Wherever possible, we use an electronic stud finder to locate the rafters before we put holes in your roof. 

Once the hooks are in, the rails are bolted onto the hooks… 

And then the solar panels are secured onto the rails. 

Then it’s time to tidy up the wiring, so there aren’t any wires flapping around. 

solar power installed inverter

The inverter 

Installing solar panels is the most labour-intensive part of the job. 

The final aspect of installing solar power is configuring the inverter

Electrical PVC conduit will run the wiring from the roof to the location of your inverter. 

This may be in your garage or on an exterior wall of your home. 

An inverter is simply an electrical box that converts the sun’s energy into electricity for your home. 

How they set up to grid with your energy provider 

With your solar panels and inverter installed you’ll be ready to hook up to the grid. 

Pulse Electrical will arrange to get your solar energy meter running with your energy company. 

The team will also help you set up a solar meter app on your smartphone. 

This allows you to monitor your solar generation and consumption 24/7. 

Any energy your household doesn’t consume is exported back into the grid. 

Your energy company buys this energy back from you at a wholesale rate. 

What’s the install day like? 

You don’t necessarily have to be at home during your solar install… 

However, most people like to be in the know about the functionality of their solar power set up. 

The installers will need a clear day to work safely

It’s obviously a safety hazard to work on the roof when it’s pouring down rain. 

The installation generally takes anywhere from half a day to a full day. 

The power will need to be turned off at certain times through the installation process. 

If you happen to work from home and you rely on uninterrupted power… 

You may want to take any necessary precautions, such as charging your laptop and devices. 

What about the noise levels of a solar power install? 

The installers work with tools on the roof… 

So there’ll be some noise disturbance, but it shouldn’t be excessive. 

Why choose Pulse Electrical solar installation? 

Pulse electrical will handle all aspects of your solar installation… 

Including everything from a free no-obligation quote… 

To getting your solar hooked up with your energy company. 

Pulse Electrical technicians will take care of everything you need. 

So all that’s left for you to do, is sit back and enjoy your solar energy, 

The team are happy to answer all of your questions along the way. 

You won’t need to worry about anything, we’ll take care of all the details… 

You’ve also got peace of mind knowing everything is covered by warranty. 

This means you’ll be able to rely on your solar power for many years to come. 

We’ll also be able to maintain your solar power installation… if that’s what you choose. 

Are you thinking of installing solar at your home? 

Call Pulse Electrical on 1300 478 573 for a free no-obligation quote. 

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