Buyer beware: The dark side of solar


Hundreds of Aussie solar companies are going broke… Don’t be one of their victims… 

Are you sick of being bombarded by leaflets in the mail… 

And unsolicited phone calls all day… 

Promising to wipe out your energy bill with an “affordable” solar installation. 

But don’t be so quick to believe the claims about some solar products. 

Rogue players in the market have given solar installation a bad name. 

Hundreds of solar companies have gone out of business over the last decade. 

These fly-by-night companies sell cheap imitations of the real thing. 

And although the products are covered by warranty.. The manufacturers have shown they won’t stand by their word. 

Some homeowners have spent thousands of dollars on a solar install… 

Only to see nothing in return. 

Their solar install doesn’t perform as advertised. 

It just ends up in the trash a couple of years down the line. 

Can you imagine the pain and frustration of being in this situation? 

Why even bother getting solar in the first place, if it’s not going to work? 

This is money down the drain for the homeowner. 

Ironically, these fake solar products are also a problem for pollution. 

Faulty solar panels are quickly adding to landfill. 

Unsafe solar products can also lead to other serious issues. 

Such as a fire in the roof of your home, due to equipment failure. 

So what’s the reason behind the dark side of solar? 

list of solar panel companies in australia
Experts NEVER stand on the panels. Not only does this crack the panels, but it’s also dangerous.

Technology is moving faster than regulation can keep up with. 

You can think of the issue as being similar to the Airbnb movement. 

While some hosts and guests have the common sense to do the right thing… 

There are cases of angry residents… 

Who are fed up with a poorly run Airbnb in the neighbourhood. 

The hosts may just be after some quick cash… 

So they attract low-quality tenants to the property. 

In the solar market, there is a segment made up of solar resellers. 

These installers work on commission. 

So they use pushy sales tactics to move more units of product. 

Pulse Electrical are passionate about the environment and sustainability. 

When our technicians aren’t on the tools, they’re enjoying the great outdoors. 

While we have the capacity to do hundreds of solar installs per week, it’s not our goal. 

Pulse Electrical simply want to provide you with the right solar solution. 

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Here’s the good news about the Australian solar industry… 

You’re not sure where to start with your solar installation project. 

You look online and you see tonnes of solar product reviews… 

With all the information overload.. you don’t know who to trust or what’s right for your situation. 

So how can you protect yourself from being stung by bad solar companies? 

Luckily the solar industry in Australia has introduced a regulatory body. 

Clean Energy Council (CEC) Australia is working to improve the standard of solar installation. 

CEC provides training and accreditation for solar companies. 

A solar installer can apply to Clean Energy Council for accreditation to design and or install solar. 

The Clean Energy Council website provides a search tool for you to find accredited solar companies. 

As you can see for yourself on the CEC website, Pulse Electrical is an accredited installer

This means our technicians have undergone the training required to install solar, along with access to continually updated information. 

Pulse Electrical
Experts wear harnesses or use edge protection and never stand on panels.

Pulse Electrical are fully accredited to install solar and only use leading brands… 

Because Pulse Electrical are above-board solar installers, we don’t do hundreds of installs every week. 

We do a few installs each week, with a focus on delivering a quality solution. 

Pulse Electrical only uses quality brands such as LG, Canadian Solar, Q-Cells and Fronius. 

These products come with excellent warranties, that will keep you covered for decades to come. 

And unlike the flaky installers in the market, we’ll always be available to maintain your equipment for you. 

Imagine a solar company installing safe rooftop solar panels at your home… 

Imagine this… Pulse Electrical has installed your solar panels at your home. 

All the details were taken care of from start to finish, making the whole process easy. 

You were interested in the various steps of the installation… 

And Pulse Electrical was able to answer all your questions along the way. 

Once the installation was done, you were given access to a smartphone app to monitor your solar usage. 

You love the ability to see how much energy your household is consuming. 

When you arrive home, you see the solar panels on the roof… And you can’t help but smile. 

It’s a great feeling knowing that your investment is saving you money on your energy bills. 

You love that your solar panels are covered by a 25 year warranty… 

And that your Fronius solar inverter is covered by a standard 5, 10, 15 or 20 year warranty of your choosing. 

You’ve also got peace of mind knowing you’ve chosen an accredited installer. 

You feel a sense of pride when your friends ask you about your solar installation… 

And you tell them it was the best decision you ever made. 

Another great feeling you have is knowing Pulse Electrical are always just a call away if you ever need anything. 

Do you want to know whether rooftop solar panels will suit your home? 

Pulse Electrical has the ability to give you an expert recommendation. 

Call Pulse Electrical on 1300 478 573 for a free no-obligation quote. 

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