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Installing solar panels on your commercial building makes smart business sense. 
Not only do you benefit financially from day 1, you also show customers you care about the environment and are here for the long run.

Whether your finance or pay outright, a commercial solar system will drastically reduce your power bill.

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Benefits Of Solar Panels For Businesses

Solar panels are designed to reduce your carbon footprint and slash your powerbill.

When we install solar, we look at your current power consumption and match that as much as possible with a solar system.

By doing this, we can offset as much of your daytime electricity use as possible.

Your next bill can be 80% cheaper simply from getting solar.

Benefits Of Solar Panels For Businesses

In Queensland, the main fuel used for electricity generation is coal. Coal powered energy can lead to air pollution, with many negative side effects.  

By installing a solar panel system, you show your customers you care about the environment. This is a major purchasing factor for customers in 2020.


Commercial Solar Systems: What You Need To Know

1.Does it make financial sense? 

Before outlaying a large amount of capital for solar, you need to assess if it matches your financial situation. Since solar systems aren’t cheap, it’s wise to consult an expert to ensure this is the best use of your money.
Once you have determined it is, we need to assess whether solar for your business is the right option and what size system to design. If your business operates during the day, solar is always going to be beneficial for you. If your business is only active at night, solar won’t bring many benefits. If your business operates both day and night, we can easily slash up to 80% of your bill in the first month.

2. Not all systems are equal

As with any industry, solar isn’t safe from installers and retailers wanting to take advantage of large commercial businesses. Luckily, this leaves room for honest installers like us to jump in and change the industry.

When it comes to commercial solar, it’s important to understand what you’re buying. If there is a large difference in price with one company coming in tens of thousands cheaper that the other, that’s a red flag. 
Depending on your needs, we often use a brand called QCells for panels. These are regarded as on of the best panels on the planet. Jinko are another we use and are a great company with an amazing track record.

3.The position on your roof

Did you know having panels perfectly flat on your roof is illegal? Yet many companies still do it. We know this because we fly our drones over buildings to inspect them.

In Australia, we want a tilt on our panels with them facing north. This is because the Sun is positioned north of us when we orbit it. All Southern Hemisphere panels should face north and Northen Hemisphere panels face south.


4. Ground mounted panels

In some cases, panels need to be mounted to the ground. This is the case for solar farms, rural solar projects, or where a roof is designed in such a way that doesn’t allow panels. 
Although this isn’t common in commercial solar projects, our engineers will advise you of the best position.

5. Finance is quick and easy

When we organise finance for you, it is often approved within the same day. From here, we arrange a time to install your system. Depending on the size, this could take 1 week or 1 year. Once your panels are turned on, you will likely save money straight away. This means your next power bill plus your repayments are less than your last power bill.

6. Tax & depreciation

Solar panels are great investment for more than just initial savings. 
The Australian Tax Office allows for 5% depreciation per year. This means you claim the depreciation from day 1 with finance through our lender. The interest component on the repayments for the lease is also tax deductible and the GST is paid back in the first BAS after the lease is taken out.

4 Huge Benefits of Going Solar!

And why more Queenslanders are switching to solar power than ever…

1.Better For The Environment 

This form of energy is one of the cleanest forms of renewable power available. It is so important that we all take whatever steps we can towards a more green and sustainable future, and turning to solar power is one of the easiest and most efficient ways of achieving this.   Australia ranks among the highest carbon polluting countries in the world, with 22 tonnes of carbon pollution emitted per person in 2015. But reducing our carbon pollution levels is not as hard as it sounds.

Commercial solar panels are a great idea as Queensland experiences long summers and clear-skied winters. This means that you can harness the power of the sun pretty much throughout the year.  

2.Government Battery Rebate 

Currently, the Queensland Government provides battery rebates to households and businesses who store the excess energy they produce. What this means is, if you qualify you can be rewarded for storing energy and lessening your dependence on the National Grid.  

 Furthermore, the Government also offers interest-free loans to houses and small businesses looking to set up solarWwill happily walk through the terms and conditions with you when you are ready to find out more on this. 

3.Saves Money 

With electric bills constantly on the rise, turning towards a cheaper energy alternative is a great idea. Installing solar panels will lead to significantly reduced electric bills – with the potential to eliminate them altogether. This source of power can supply you with plenty of electricity that is generated by yourself, so there is no need to rely on outside sources 

 Once your system is in place, you will stack up the savings. It’s long term investment that will certainly bring you a decent amount of savings.

4.Easy to Maintain 

If you install quality panels, then you should get some excellent long-term use out of them. While the installation may seem costly at first, keeping it maintained is really easy.  

Solar panels require absolute minimum maintenance, and if they do it should never be too expensive. As long as solar panel companies supply you with quality products, you should not have to worry about costly repairs in the future.  

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Why Australia is Perfect For Solar

Not all places are well suited for solar power, but Australia certainly is. With our consistent temperatures and long sunny days, your solar panels will generate lots of energy.

Our team of commercial solar panel installers are passionate and knowledgeable about what they do. Instead of just setting up your panels, we provide you with the full service that you need. This includes figuring out the exact solar panel requirements for your space.  

The team can also provide maintenance and repairs on your panels to make sure that there are no interruptions in your supply. 

Thinking of Getting Solar?

If you have a burning question regarding solar panels give us a call…

Key Information for Your Installation

Installing solar panels for your business is easy, but you need to make sure you do it the right way. If you are based in Brisbane and are looking to upgrade your energy sources, here are some important things to take note of.  

  • Maintenance: While the panels don’t require much work after installation, you may need the occasional repair. When choosing your solar panel installers, make sure that they can provide regular maintenance services to keep your system running at an optimal level.  
  • Quality: Your panels are an investment, and you get what you pay for. Before installing them into your business, make sure that you are getting the best quality that you can. Quality products will certainly end up being cheaper in the long run, with little concern for any expensive repairs.  
  • Long term: Solar power is amazing for the environment, but you need to approach this power source with a long term state of mind. Your investment will provide you with money-saving and renewable power in the long run. 
  • Deal with an expert: Our commercial solar panel experts will provide you with a full service on everything you need for your installation. From finding the ideal site, figuring out your solar requirements, and sourcing the right panel for you. It takes a lot to make sure that your setup is at its best, so deal with people who know what they are doing.