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How to choose the best solar system if this is your first time buying solar panels in 3 easy steps 

Investing in your own solar power system sounds great in theory… 

But when you get down to the actual job of choosing a solar power system setup … 

There’s a lot more to the process than meets the eye. 

Buying a solar system is a bit like putting together a puzzle… 

You need all the components to match up. 

When you do this, the overall system will meet your needs. 

This guide covers the basics of installing a solar power system in three easy steps. 

When you make the right decision with your solar, it can save you thousands of dollars. 

When it comes to choosing the “best” system, there’s more than meets the eye 

There’s a few different components that make up a solar power system. 

You will have to buy the solar panels. 

There’s also the solar inverter. 

The solar power system also actually needs to be installed, which involves labour costs. 

And you’ll also have to decide which energy company to go with. 

All these costs add up. 

That’s why it’s important to know what makes a good solar system. 

Solar power has gained popularity in recent years. 

best solar panels australia

And solar is becoming more affordable. 

But as with any product out there…  

There are low-end through to high-end options. 

You have to know what to look for… 

Like buying a car, the cheapest model out there may be economical. 

But how will it go on long drives and steep inclines and declines? 

On the other end of the spectrum… 

A fancy car might look impressive, but it might come with unnecessary costs. 

You want to go for something in the middle. 

Something that’s able to do the job and lasts you a long time. 

When it comes to solar power, certain systems are made to last longer. 

Pulse electrical recommend LG solar panels, Canadian Solar and Q Cells for reliable performance. 

And when it comes to inverters, Fronius are one of the leading names on the scene. 

These companies have all been in business for more than a decade. 

So you know they’re not going to suddenly go belly up. 

They all have excellent warranties that come with their products. 

And it’s a pleasure for electricians to maintain these brands of products. 

Replacement parts are readily available, and technical specs are easy to follow. 

When it comes to the solar industry, you want to steer clear of unknown bands. 

The solar industry has a dark side. 

Hundreds of companies have gone broke in Australia. 

And people who invested in cheap solar products have been left high and dry…  

So when you’re doing your research on solar… 

Do your research on reputable brands and steer clear of pushy sales people of lesser known names. 

compare solar panels performance

The type of inverter could mean the difference between hundreds or thousands off your energy bill. 

When you open up an inverter it looks something like a computer. 

It has a bunch of electronic parts that work together to convert the suns rays into electricity. 

Inverters also connect to the internet like a computer… 

This allows you to monitor your solar usage any time of the day or night. 

So when you’re buying an inverter… 

It makes sense to treat it in the same way as when you’re buying a computer. 

Inverters cost around the same price of a computer. 

Starting from the low thousands and going up from there. 

Just as with a computer, you want to make sure you get the right specs for your activity. 

You also want to make sure the equipment is manufactured by a brand you can trust. 

This means buying a brand that has been in the market for a long time. 

This doesn’t always mean you have to go with the most recognisable name in the market. 

But you need to exercise caution… And be picky about the inverter that you choose. 

The people who build your inverter need to know what they’re doing. 

Pulse electrical install Fronius solar inverters. 

This is one of the leading names in the market. 

Fronius is a European brand. 

The build is solid, and the product is covered by a 25 year warranty. 

Installation is a breeze, and the inverter mounts to the wall very easily. 

You’ll also be able to monitor solar usage through an app. 

When it comes to cheaper products in the solar market… 

These usually come from what are known as “tier 2” Chinese products. 

The makers of these products use lower quality parts, they don’t do enough testing, and they generally cut corners. 

While you may save money upfront on cheaper upfront… 

It will come back to bite you in the end. 

So when you’re comparing inverters, keep in mind that you don’t have to choose top of the line… 

The same way you don’t have to buy an Apple computer. 

But you do need to buy something that’s going to be functional and reliable. 

Why size matters?! And when it comes to KW is bigger really best? 

A pair of figure skaters need to move in harmony with each other… 

Otherwise they won’t perform very well. 

The same rule applies to pairing up your solar panels to your inverter. 

If your solar panels and inverter don’t align, you won’t get good performance out of them. 

Inverters and solar panels are measured in kilowatts. 

The voltage of your solar panels must never exceed the voltage of the inverter. 

If you put a certain amount kilowatts on your roof solar panels… 

And your inverter has less kilowatts… 

Then you won’t be getting enough power to justify the panels on your roof. 

For example, A 10 kW inverter can work in harmony with 6 kW solar panels on the roof. 

But a 10 kW inverter with 12 kW solar panels on the roof is going to waste energy. 

This is because the inverter can only convert and output a certain amount of energy. 

The amount of kilowatts you need to power your home can be calculated by the size of your home. 

Homes of a small to medium size will generally need 5 to 6 kW solar panels. 

Pulse Electrical

It’s important that you get your inverter and solar panel configurations correct… 

Not doing so can result in wasting money on generating solar power. 

Saving money is the whole reason why you want to connect to solar in the first place. 

So that you can save money on your energy bills. 

So be sure to consider your options available to you before you decide make a choice for your specific situation. 

Pulse Electrical will provide you with more information upon your free no-obligation quote. 


If you fail to do the right research before you install your solar panel system… 

You could be throwing thousands of dollars down the drain. 

When you’re looking at buying a solar power system… 

Be sure to consider all the components you’ll need to purchase. 

Go for reputable brands over the lesser known names in the market. 

And choose a solar power system that meets your particular needs. 

By doing this you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ve got the right solar installation for you. 

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