Benefits of solar energy on the environment


Some kind of electricity powers the device you’re reading this on now. 

But have you ever stopped to think about affects our environment? 

If you haven’t made the switch to solar yet… 

You’re contributing to an increasingly dangerous toxic atmosphere. 

By switching to solar, you’re not just reducing your energy bill. 

You’re also being kinder to humanity and the physical environment. 

Solar energy is clean 

What is clean energy? 

It’s exactly what it sounds like. 

Clean energy doesn’t release toxins into the atmosphere.  

Electricity first became a utility in the 1800s. 

Since then, power stations have been burning “dirty” resources, to make electricity. 

positive environmental impact of solar energy

This was the most practical method to produce electricity at the time. 

Dirty energy sources, such as coal and gas, release toxins into the air. 

Australia generates a lot of energy using coal. 

Burning coal creates carbon dioxide

When gas is burnt it also creates carbon dioxide, though it’s a lesser amount. 

The sun is a clean form of energy. 

This is because you don’t need to burn anything to create power from the sun. 

Using clean power is better for the environment. 

A growing number of machinery, transport and devices are being added to the world every day. 

With all the cars, trucks, buses, trains and aeroplanes connecting our cities… 

As well as the growing amount of computers and robotics in our life. 

It’s all contributing to an unhealthy environment. 

Modern solar energy came about in the 1940s. 

But solar power wasn’t ready to become a  widespread utility. 

These days technology is more advanced. 

So solar power is becoming a viable option. 

how does solar energy affect the environment

There’s no shortage of solar energy 

The types of power sources our communities currently rely on aren’t renewable. 

This means, unlike the Tim Tam genie’s never-ending packet of Tim Tams… 

Materials like coal, oil, gas and uranium will eventually run out. 

Scientists believe the sun will also deplete itself one day. 

But they predict it will happen somewhere around 5 to 10 billion years from now. 

This means we can use the sun as an energy source. 

Without having to worry about where to get more. 

This will help the world’s current population. 

It will also make things easier for the generations to come. 

Because when energy is renewable, there’s no need to go looking for more. 

Make a positive impact on climate change  

Environmental authorities have been talking about global warming for many years. 

We all know that the hole in the ozone layer is getting bigger. 

And that the polar ice caps are melting. 

But rather than just panicking about it… 

We can now take more steps toward healing the Earth. 

Installing solar power in our homes will help decrease pollution. 

Which will help create a cleaner atmosphere. 

Reduce water use 

You know that water and electricity don’t mix. 

So it might be a surprise to hear that water is actually used to make electricity. 

The way it works is this.. 

Burning coal heats up the water. 

The hot water creates steam. 

High-pressure steam powers an electrical generator. 

And this triggers a technical process which generates electricity. 

But when we make energy from solar power… 

There’s no need to use water in the production process. 

This is because the sun is already a type of energy. 

So there’s no need to manually turn it into power. 

A solar inverter converts the sun’s DC energy into AC electricity.  

This helps conserve water for more important things. 

Boost your immune system 

The pollution created from coal and other similar substances isn’t just harmful to flora and fauna. 

It affects human beings as well. 

Toxic substances like carbon dioxide have harmful effects on health. 

Air pollution contributes to heart disease, cancer, respiratory illness and more. 

By installing solar in our homes, we can improve our immune system. 

This will help kids develop into healthier adults. 

It will also lengthen our lifespan and create a better quality of life. 

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Decrease your personal carbon footprint 

Mob mentality has led to a negative impact on ourselves and our environment. 

Governments and industry push their own agendas onto the masses. 

It’s up to each of us as an individual to stand up for healthier choices. 

Highly manufactured products are a result of the industrial age. 

For example, when factories started mass producing products… 

Brands took the opportunity to introduce process foods and snacks into the market. 

Consumers would ignore health issues due to a passive relationship with advertising. 

Now that the information age has put consumers in the drivers seat… 

We can choose to make more sustainable choices about production processes. 

By choosing to convert your home to solar… 

You’re making the personal decision to decrease your personal carbon footprint. 

This also has a positive influence on others in your community. 

Others are more likely to install solar when they see that everybody else is doing it. 


Solar power has been around for a while. 

In fact, it dates back as far as the 1800s. 

But technology was too clunky in the past for solar to really take off. 

You can think of it in a similar way to the electric skateboard. 

The motorised skateboard first appeared in 1975. 

Then came the first battery-powered skateboard in the 1990s. 

But it hasn’t been until recently that electric skateboards have become mainstream. 

The basic components were there in the beginning. 

Technology had to progress to make it a reality. 

As technology becomes more advanced.. 

Solar energy is becoming more affordable for homeowners. 

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