Rural Solar For Farms


Life as a farmer is tough… This is how solar for farms can make your life a bit easier… 

Running a farm is no walk in the park.  Whatever kind of farm you run… 

Sugar cane, orchard, avocado, cattle, macadamia nuts, oranges etc…

And whatever area you’re in…

Bundaberg, Abbotsford, Kedrin, Ipswich, Toowoomba…  

There are the early morning wake-ups. 

Making sure the crops are okay… 

Watering, picking and fertilising the crops. 

Day in, day out. 

A farmer’s job is never done. 

And then there’s the worry of Mother Nature throwing the worst at you. 

Australia has experienced a lot of drought over the years. 

The weather is one of the biggest threats to farmers. 

So it’s understandable that farmers try to keep expenses down when things are rough. 

But you shouldn’t let tough times close your mind to solar for farms

best solar panels for solar farms

As technology evolves, solar for farms is becoming more affordable… 

We’re seeing a rise in the popularity of sustainability in general. 

For example, the younger generation of farmers is making the change to organic farming. 

Renewable energy is also on the rise. 

We’re seeing the discussion in government, the media and in the community. 

As the population becomes more educated on the benefits of sustainability to the world… 

We’ll move towards better choices. 

Solar energy helps irrigation

Water is a precious resource to farms, especially during a drought. 

Farms are already heavily reliant on water through irrigation systems. 

The last thing a farmer wants is to limit water usage due to rising power costs.

By using solar energy to power your irrigation pumps, you save thousands of dollars allowing you to irrigate as much as needed without breaking the bank,

Switching to solar power is a clear winner when pumping water.

Solar energy is cheaper 

A farm is a big place with a lot going on…. 

So you use a lot of electricity to get your work done. 

Solar energy can help you significantly reduce your costs both now and for years to come. 

Yes, there’s an upfront investment… 

But an honest electrician will provide a free no-obligation quote

This allows you to weigh up the pros and cons of the investment. 

Solar panels on a Bundaberg Farm

The solar installation is quick and easy 

You may be wondering how solar for your farm will work… 

And whether it will disrupt your environment. 

Installing solar on a farm is easy, as there is plenty of space for the install. 

A small parcel of land of around an acre, that can’t be used for agricultural purposes, is ideal. 

The solar panels are installed on the ground. 

The great thing about ground solar installation is that it’s easy to inspect and maintain. 

It’s also very visible, so it’s a constant reminder of the good investment you’re making… 

You’re also able to make a positive impact on other farmers and businesses, who can see and ask you about your experience with solar… 

Pulse Electrical have installed Solar for farms around Bundaberg and surrounds 

For over 22 years Pulse Electrical has been servicing rural Queensland from our Bundaberg office.

So we wanted to share a story, of one of our most recent jobs we completed for a local farmer…

She was looking for ways to make life easier on the farm. 

She knew solar would help her reduce her energy costs. 

So she called an electrician that she knew she could trust, to ask about solar installation

Pulse Electrical provided a free quote and explained everything she needed to know. 

She proceeded with the installation, trusting Pulse Electrical to help her make the switch to solar… 

The farmer loves her new solar energy system… and enjoys the savings on her power bill! 

Solar panels for Australian farms

Imagine how much easier life will be with solar panels installed on your farm 

Imagine waking up in the morning, knowing that you’re producing your own electricity to run your property… 

You’re not relying on the grid to get your needs met… 

After all, self-sufficiency is at the core of farming. 

Imagine having one less financial stress knowing that your energy bill will be significantly lower. 

Think back to those times when you’ve experienced a blackout on the farm… 

And your entire property has been left in the dark. 

What a pain it is when that happens… 

Or maybe you have a habit of working in the office at night… 

Imagine how handy it’ll be to have solar batteries as backup, so you can continue running the business as usual 24/7… 

Think about the positive influence you can make in the farming community in the shift towards sustainability… 

When one person makes a change, it gives others the courage to do the same. 

The more farmers that start producing solar the better off the environment will become. 

You’ll be helping reduce carbon emissions and contributing to a better future for your children. 

Having solar installed by Pulse Electrical gives you the freedom to choose how you operate your solar. 

You can choose to maintain it yourself. Or we can maintain the system for you. 

Is your farm ready to make the switch to solar? 

Solar energy can help Australian farmers make their lives a little easier… 

If you want to talk to a solar installer you can trust, contact Pulse Electrical. 

Call Pulse Electrical on 1300 478 573 for a free no-obligation quote. 

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